Warm-season solutions

If summer storms hit, the moisture and low light can lead to disease pressure while reducing resilience in warm-season turfgrass. For healthy turf that can bounce back from disease and stress, superintendents turn to the proven performance of Lexicon® Intrinsic® brand fungicide. The foundation of any fall program, it delivers highly effective control of 27 tough diseases for up to 28 days. It also boosts plant health for stronger roots and greater resilience to stress.

Now labeled for 4 applications per year at the highest rate, Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide is the backbone of the warm-season holiday spray program. Your customers can prepare their turf for cooler weather with three applications in the fall and winter, and a fourth application in the spring.

Once cooler weather arrives, warm-season turf will head into dormancy. Green Lawnger® turf colorants with ColorLock™ technology restore natural green color to turf. In addition, if turf has been damaged by chemical applications or fungal attacks, these high-performance products provide long-lasting green pigment. To learn more about our portfolio of turf colorants, click on the product pages on the right-hand side of the page.

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