Early Order Program

October 1 - December 9, 2017

Make your planning and purchasing easier than ever with the BASF Early Order Program for 2018. Order and save now to ensure championship conditions for your turf in 2018. With EOP, winning is as easy as 1-2-3.

1: Prepare to Save. Plan your purchase early for maximum savings. Earn up to 33% more in rebate dollars by ordering in October when rebate levels are the highest. Rebates start when you spend $2,000. Prepare to save now, but pay nothing until June 9, 2018.

Oct. 1st - 31st
Nov. 1st - Dec. 9th
$2,000 - $6,9994%3%
$7,000 - $19,9997%5%
$20,000 +10%7%


2: Prepare to Innovate. Order specially-designed cube solutions, which deliver convenience, innovation and 10% instant savings. Each cube provides a combination of products selected to address your specific disease needs and acreage.

3: Prepare to Win. Prepare for victory over fairway disease challenges with the Intrinsic® Fairway Rebate. Save 10% by purchasing a minimum of 108 pounds of Honor® Intrinsic brand fungicide or a minimum of 10 gallons of Insignia® SC Intrinsic brand fungicide.

BASF EOP Program Guide 

EOP Order Guide with Order Form:

Learn about this year’s EOP program, see the specially designed cube solutions, and utilize the order form for pricing and rebate calculations. 

BASF EOP Order Planner 

EOP Order Planners:

This Excel-based tool can help you plan your order based on your acreage, then make modifications until you reach the ultimate rebate savings level for you. 

To download, right-click on the link and select "Save Link As..."

Next Steps

  • Learn more about BASF products and the Early Order Program in the EOP Order Guide.
  • Use the all-new EOP Order Planner, an Excel-based tool that makes order planning easier.
  • Order in October. Plan your purchase early for maximum savings.
  • Contact your distributor representative to place your order and get ahead with products and solutions that provide superior performance.


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Western Turf Spray Programs


For complete lists of diseases controlled by each product listed above, visit www.cdms.net. All pricing is general U.S. pricing. For California and other special pricing, contact your BASF or distributor sales representative.

Additional Program Details and Qualifications:
All Agency products sold are on behalf of BASF. All sales are final. No returns. Rebate will be based upon reported sales from the BASF authorized agent(s).This program applies only to qualified end-user professionals (golf, greenhouse, L&L, nursery, ornamental, sports turf, sod farms, municipalities, and parks & rec). Multiple sales orders for one customer are cumulative and will qualify if ordered between program dates and from any authorized BASF agent(s). A qualifying October purchase of at least $2,000 locks end user to October rebate column for duration of the Early Order Program. Non-qualifying October purchases of less than $2,000 will be counted toward any qualifying purchases from November 1 - December 9 and will be rewarded at the November 1 - December 9 percentage. Products must be purchased, invoiced and delivered between the program dates. No exceptions.The redemption value of qualified non-agency products will be used to determine end user total purchase and rebate earned. End user must be in good standing with agent to receive special promotional terms. All agency terms offered at the agent’s discretion. All agency products invoiced between October 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018 will receive June 9, 2018 terms for the end user. All agency products invoiced after January 31, 2018 will receive net 60 days for the end user. Terms for qualifying non-agency products are determined by a BASF authorized distributor. Qualified end users will receive a rebate on the total invoiced dollar amount (excluding taxes) of qualified products purchased from an authorized BASF T&O agent. All rebates will appear as a credit on the end user’s account with the agent who processed the order. EOP credit will become available on 7/31/18 and can be applied only to new purchases of agronomic inputs or related products. If an end user purchases from more than one agent, the rebate will be applied to the respective agent based on percent purchase from each agent. All products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Please check with your state or local Extension Service. Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide, Siesta insecticide fire ant bait and Trinity fungicide are not for sale, distribution and/or use in New York State, and Tower herbicide is not for sale, distribution and/or use in Nassau or Suffolk counties in New York State.

Always read and follow label directions.

Not all products are registered in all states. Honor, Insignia, Intrinsic, Lexicon and Xzemplar are registered trademarks of BASF.
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