Green Lawnger® Turf Colorant

Green Lawnger turf colorant restores natural-looking green color to dormant and discolored turf, and also provides divot mix sand with green color to blend with turf.

General Information

Green Lawnger's exclusive ColorLock technology keeps color on the leaf blade longer, and prevents color from fading to an undesirable blue shade.

Ideal for all turf varieties in all growing regions, Green Lawnger colorant lasts up to 120 days.

See our product tech sheet for suggested application rates.

Package sizes include 12 x 1 liters, 4 x 1 gallons, 2 x 2 ½ gallons and 30 gallons.

Always read and follow label directions.

Example of Green Lawnger being applied to a fairway.

Problems Controlled

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