Green Lawnger® Vision Pro™ HD Turf Colorant

Green Lawnger Vision Pro HD turf colorant advanced spray application aid and UV resistant turf colorant is for professional turf managers who want to achieve uniform applications of plant protection products with the added feature of a longer-lasting, natural-looking green turf color.

General Information

Green Lawnger Vision Pro HD turf colorant complements spray applications with a formulation that is specifically designed for chemical compatibility, and can be used alone or in combination with plant health and conventional plant protection products.

  • Long-lasting, natural-looking green color that won’t turn blue.
  • Safe for all types of pump seals!
  • Compatible with conventional plant protection products.

Unlike other products that leave behind a less appealing blue color, Green Lawnger Vision Pro HD remains consistently green for the duration of the application period. The natural-looking, long-lasting green color is ideal for close-mowed turf, providing an economical option for greens and tees applications.

Green Lawnger Vision Pro HD may be applied with professional spray application equipment, and is safe for all types of seals.

Add Green Lawnger Vision Pro HD to all your greens and tees spray programs and let the pride in your turf quality show for itself.

Package sizes include in 4 x 1 gallons.

Always read and follow label directions.

Problems Controlled

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