Trinity® Fungicide

Trinity fungicide delivers unbeatable value for controlling a broad spectrum of diseases, even during the summer stress period. Plus, it’s the ideal tank-mix partner for Insignia® fungicide to control your most troublesome turf problems. When used as directed, Trinity fungicide:

  • Controls a broad spectrum of diseases including anthracnose, brown patch, take-all patch, summer patch and dollar spot.
  • Can be used whenever you need it, even during summer stress periods that limit other SI (DMI) fungicides.
  • Suppresses algae.

General Information

Research proves the value of Trinity fungicide

Research conducted by Dr. Joe Vargas, Professor of Plant Pathology, Michigan State University, showed Trinity fungicide to be one of the best SI (DMI) fungicides for the control of summer patch and anthracnose. Other university trials also prove the effectiveness of Trinity fungicide on a number of key turf diseases.

Try Trinity fungicide with Insignia fungicide

Add Trinity fungicide to your tank with Insignia fungicide for effective broad-spectrum control. You already know Insignia fungicide controls many key turf diseases and delivers long-term results (reducing your labor and materials costs). Now, with the broad-spectrum control of Trinity fungicide, you have an effective and economical tank-mix partner that delivers outstanding control of anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch and more!

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Try Trinity fungicide with Emerald fungicide

In addition to effective dollar spot control, Trinity fungicide can be used in rotation with Emerald fungicide as an important tool in helping to delay the onset of resistance. Now you have the perfect one-two punch to knock out dollar spot.

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Trinity fungicide is a proprietary, patent-protected BASF chemistry.

Always read and follow label directions.

Problems Controlled

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