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All lawn care operators (LCOs) depend upon their distributor for products, but not all of them get the same level of service.

Fall Turf Problems Present A Sales Opportunity For Targeted Pests And Programs

Fall can be an important selling opportunity for lawn care companies for a number of reasons. Sales in the fall enhance your year or help you recover from a poor spring or summer sales season. Fall can also be viewed as the kick-off time for your coming season sales.

The Preemergence Ornamental Opportunity

If “preemergence application” only brings to mind early spring crabgrass prevention for turf, then you’re missing out on an important business opportunity — preemergence weed control in ornamental beds and trees.

Understanding Generic Products In The Turf & Ornamental Industry

When compared to branded pesticides, the common knowledge is that off-patent (“generic”) products in the Turf and Ornamental industry cost less and also tend to come with less support; however, the role of off-patent pesticides is not that simple.


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