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Heat, humidity and heavy traffic can place tremendous stress on cool-season turf. To keep greens and fairways in championship condition, Intrinsic brand fungicides provide a healthy foundation. Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide delivers peak performance under pressure, providing disease control for up to 28 days and plant health benefits for stronger roots and greater stress tolerance.

Honor Intrinsic brand fungicide provides superior fairway protection for up to 26 key diseases while boosting plant health. Together, they serve as the cornerstone of the holiday spray program from BASF, which protects your customers’ cool-season turf throughout the summer months.

Resources and Downloads

Planning for Summer Stress
Jeff Vannoy, Senior Product Manager, BASF
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Scheduling Fungicides for Turf Disease Control
Rick Latin, Ph.D., Purdue University
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Help cool-season turf stand up to summer stress
Delivering championship greens & fairways
Championship Rejuvenation program
Follow five superintendents through the season as they integrate BASF solutions into their programs.
Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide
is a staple for Victoria National

Victoria National
Lexicon Intrinsic Brand Fungicide
Honor Intrinsic Brand Fungicide
Outside the Ropes: Manage horticultural areas outside of greens, tees and fairways
Intrinsic brand fungicides: Maximize turf health throughout your course
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