Puccinia, Uromyces spp.

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  • All turfgrass species are susceptible to rust diseases. Environmental stresses contribute to the severity of the disease. When plants become diseased by the rust fungi, they are more likely to be attacked by other pathogens. When a plant is diseased, light yellow flecks on the leaves or stems become long, yellow stripes parallel to the veins. These will split open and spores will dust out. The spores range in color from orange to brick-red, although they can be yellow to brown or black for some rust species. When the infection is severe, the entire area may appear the color of the spores. The turf may die in patches from the infection or the stand may be thinned and weakened. Death of the turf is possible during severe infections. This disease is favored by low light, wet leaves, and temperatures around 70° F.


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