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Healthy Sod From Farm To Finish

Keeping sod healthy from growth through delivery and installation is a major challenge every sod farmer faces. They need solutions that keep their sod alive and well, whether it’s going into backyards, business parks or sports fields. BASF turf management products are designed to protect sod integrity, prevent disease, weeds and pests, and keep sod beautiful from where it’s grown to where it’s laid.






Pillar® SC Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

Best-in-grass chemistry formulated for lawn care.

Finale® XL T&O Herbicide

Fast, non-selective control with precision accuracy.

Siesta® Insecticide Fire Ant Bait

Delivers fast and long lasting control of native and imported fire ants.

Q&A with Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller, a technical specialist at BASF with 32 years of experience, gives us a closer look at the Finale herbicide lineup. Learn how Finale® XL T&O herbicide can help landscapers control weeds faster and more efficiently with lower use rates.

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