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Warm-Season Solutions

Don't let the colder shoulder months and heavy turf traffic and play hurt your healthy turf. BASF offers a wide-range of product solutions from herbicides and fungicides to spray programs and colorants, which boost plant health and resilience while maintaining your turf’s natural beauty during the volatile warmer months.

Common Warm-Season Diseases

Featured Warm-Season Products

Maxtima® Fungicide

Our turf-safe, broad-spectrum DMI that you can spray at any temperature, on any turf. 

Navicon® Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

A dual-action DMI that controls disease with powerful precision.

Lexicon® Intrinsic® 
Brand Fungicide

For strong foundation you can count on, under the toughest conditions.

Finale® XL T&O Herbicide

Finale XL T&O herbicide is a non-selective, contact herbicide with enhanced active ingredient loading that can be used anywhere you desire total weed control.

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