Aramax Assurance Programs

When it comes to golf course playing surfaces, we know you expect greatness. For years, our Intrinsic® brand fungicides have set the gold standard in disease control and plant health. Now, Aramax™ Intrinsic® brand fungicide steps up to the tee to deliver a foundation for resilient, healthy turf.  Our new snow mold and large patch assurance programs will help you incorporate Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide into your spray program for optimal disease prevention.

Snow Mold Max Assurance Program

A preventive program to protect greens, tees and fairways from pink, gray and speckled snow mold.

Large Patch Max Assurance Program

A preventive program to protect warm-season fairways from large patch disease.




Aramax Intrinsic® 
brand fungicide

Formulated for maximum disease control.

Intrinsic® brand fungicides

For healthy, quality turf that's impressive from the inside out, superintendents rely on Intrinsic brand fungicides.

Building Foundations Around Celebrations

Pat Jones caught up with BASF sales reps to find out how their customers use the Holiday Spray program today and why it continues to grow in both popularity and value.

Southern Fried Holiday Spray

When tough disease management problems collide with the challenges of warm-season turf, supers down south turn to a foundational program using the proven Intrinsic® brand fungicides from BASF.