Sprint® 330+Mn Turf Nutrient

Sprint 330+Mn high-performance iron chelate and water-soluble manganese micronutrient blend helps correct specific mineral deficiencies in slightly acid to slightly alkaline soil.

Sprint 330+Mn prevents iron from binding with other compounds in the soil, allowing it to stay in a form readily available for turf use for improved quality.

The unique combination of the Sprint 330+Mn micronutrient blend delivers an agronomically favored 1:2 ratio of plant available iron and manganese micronutrients.Field research trials have shown that supplemental additions of chelated iron in combination with manganese improve overall turf quality and performance under demanding growing conditions. Benefits include healthier turf growth, as well as better resistance to and recovery from disease and insect damage. The result is superior performing turf.

Sprint 330+Mn micronutrient blend provides up to 30 days of supplemental micronutrient feeding to the plants.

See our product tech sheet for suggested application rates.

Package sizes include 50 pounds.

Always read and follow label directions.

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