Turf Mark® Green Spray Pattern Indicator

Turf Mark Green spray pattern indicator adds bright green color to show exactly where fertilizer and pesticide applications have occurred.

The highly visible, natural-looking color in Turf Mark Green spray shows coverage and identifies drift, preventing skips and costly overlaps.The temporary color blends with turf and dissipates over time with sunlight and moisture for discreet applications. Use Turf Mark Green spray indicator in areas of high visibility for a healthy appearance.

Turf Mark Green spray indicator is formulated for mixing in boom, spot-gun, hand-held and other standard spray equipment.
Turf Mark
 spray indicators are offered in a variety of convenient formulations. The WSP (water soluble packet) formulation is a premeasured, dry formula that disperses in the tank as it dissolves in the solution.

See our product tech sheet for suggested application rates.

Package sizes include 40 x 1 WSP and liquid 12 x 1 quarts, 2 x 2 ½ gallons and 30 gallons.

Always read and follow label directions.

Turf Mark Green being applied to a golf course.

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