Xzemplar® Fungicide

For Ultimate Dollar Spot Control

Xzemplar fungicide provides excellent curative and preventive control of dollar spot, brown patch, and other key turfgrass diseases.

Xzemplar fungicide from BASF was developed using the latest in carboxamide technology – Xemium® fungicide. Building on our experience with Boscalid, the active ingredient in Emerald® fungicide, BASF has created a new, broader spectrum and more active carboxamide fungicide.

By using Xzemplar fungicide as directed, turfgrass professionals will enjoy:

  • Fast, continuous protection powered by the next generation carboxamide with enhanced systemic properties
  • Curative support of disease pressure through quick-acting properties
  • Improved preventative dollar spot control thanks to the longer-lasting effects of Xzemplar fungicide versus traditional curative products
  • Control of brown patch, snow mold, and more—in addition to leading dollar spot protection
  • Pigments easily mix for desired turf appearance

Problems Controlled

Xzemplar fungicide offers quick and reliable control of:

  • Cool season turfgrasses, such as bentgrass, fescue, perennial ryegrass and bluegrasses
    • Brown patch for cool season grasses (Rhizoctonia solani)
    • Dollar spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa)
    • Large patch (Rhizoctonia solani)
  • Warm season turfgrass, such as zoysia, seashore paspalum, St. Augustinegrass and kikuygrass
    • Summer patch (Magnaporthe poae)
    •  Snow molds (Typhula spp. or Monographaella spp.)*
    • Algae (algal scum)*

*Both snow mold and algae are not full control. Snow mold is listed as suppression. Algae is listed as reduces the incidence of algae but does not control.

Use Sites

Xzemplar fungicide is approved for all major turfgrass use sites, including:

  • Golf courses
  • Sports and athletic fields
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Residential lawns
  • Commercial and municipal lawns
  • Institutional lawns
  • Cemeteries
  • Sod farms
  • Other maintained turfgrass areas

Refer to product label for additional information.

The Very Best for Dollar Spot. Period.

Research shows Xzemplar fungicide provides consistent, long-lasting protection against dollar spot, as well as other turfgrass diseases.

  • Trial results for Xzemplar fungicide have shown excellent control against dollar spot at all rates and spray intervals (14-28 day) on greens and fairways. In a fairway dollar spot trial at Penn State University in 2013, Xzemplar fungicide on a 21-day spray interval was the top-performing treatment among 40 entries. On the final rating date, Xzemplar fungicide was the only treatment with no dollar spot present, while the untreated plots contained over 140 dollar spot lesions per plot.
  • In a curative dollar spot trial on a Crenshaw Bentgrass putting green at the Pee Dee Research and Education Center of Clemson University, Xzemplar fungicide plots contained an average of two dollar spot lesions as compared to the untreated plots that contained over 20 lesions at 14 days after the application.

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Always read and follow label directions.


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