The BASF FreeHand® Event for Landscape Care

FreeHand® 1.75G herbicide and FreeHand® CA 1.75G herbicide offer the landscape manager a valuable tool for preemergent weed control of annual grasses, susceptible sedge species and many small-seeded broadleaf weeds. A powerful herbicide offering the efficacy of two active ingredients, dimethenamid-P and pendimethalin, FreeHand 1.75G herbicide controls more than 50 of the toughest, most troublesome summer weeds. Key benefits include:

  • Excellent residual control in landscape sites that stops weeds as they germinate
  • Minimizes unsightly weeds for maximum curb appeal
  • Helps reduce labor costs associated with hand weeding
  • Granular formulation for easy spreading and flexible application rates

Take advantage of new savings up to 12%

FreeHand 1.75G herbicide offers unsurpassed preemergent weed control in a convenient granular application – and now you can take advantage of special earned incentives. Qualify for the FreeHand Event with a minimum purchase of $7,500.

FreeHand Event Incentive Tiers 



Oct. 1 - Dec. 31, 2018


Jan. 1 - April 30, 2019

$7,500 - $14,999
5% 3%
$15,000 - $29,999 8% 5%
12% 8%
FreeHand 1.75G herbicide
1 x 50-lb bag 59011296
FreeHand CA 1.75G herbicide 1 x 50-lb bag 59013674

Program Details and Qualifications: All Agency products are sold on behalf of BASF. All sales are final. No returns. This BASF FreeHand Event program applies only to Turf and Ornamental Qualified End-Users as defined in the BASF T&O Agency Agreement. End user must purchase at least $7,500 to qualify for the BASF FreeHand Event incentives. Qualifying Tiers and Earned Incentives are specific to each period of the Program and are applied only to Qualifying Product Purchases made in the same Program Period. Qualifying Product Purchases may not be combined to accumulate across different Program Periods. Product must be purchased and invoiced between the program dates. All FreeHand 1.75G herbicide and FreeHand CA 1.75G herbicide Agency Products invoiced during the program dates will receive June 7, 2019 terms for the end user. Payout of the incentive will appear as a credit on the end-user’s account no later than August 31, 2019 with the agent who processed the order. The Freehand Event offer does NOT apply to sales made to other sub distributors, dealers and/or resellers, BASF Authorized Agents/Distributors or on any incomplete end-user sales.


Always read and follow label directions.
FreeHand is a registered trademark of BASF. All products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Please check with your state or local Extension Services.
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