Lexicon® Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

Your greens foundation when you need it most

Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide delivers peak disease performance under pressure and provides plant health benefits for longer, stronger roots, increased growth efficiency and greater stress tolerance. The result is a strong foundation you can count on under the toughest conditions.

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Key Benefits

Powerful Residual Confidently control diseases for up to 28 days

Broad-Spectrum Disease Control Create a perfect foundation by controlling up to 28 diseases on your greens

More Resilient Greens Improve recovery from environmental and mechanical stressors like heat, drought, heavy play and aeration

Proven Plant Health BenefitsAchieve healthy, high-quality turf with faster sod tackdown, aeration hole closure 

Love Letters to Lexicon

Superintendents were asked which BASF product they couldn’t live without, and the results revealed that quite a few have an emotional attachment to Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide. We talked to some smitten supers to find out why. 

Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide for quick knockdown and long residual

Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide for quick knockdown and long residual.

Most fungicides on the market provide either quick knockdown or long residual. Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide provides both benefits. In addition to being tightly bound to the leaf’s waxy surface, making it rainfast, this fungicide is redistributed to areas of the leaf that are not directly sprayed. Its unique molecular design enables Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide to enter the vascular system and travel within the leaf.


This redistribution, along with its high level of activity, ensures long-lasting preventive and curative reliability, resulting in more consistent disease control.

Foundational control for peace of mind

When using Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide, superintendents can expect the strong, disease and stress-resistant turf, which results from using high-quality products as part of their spray programs. Research has shown that Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide provides excellent control of 28 key cool- and warm-season turf diseases and provides plant health benefits that improve turf fitness. Whatever the season, your turf has protection from the toughest challenges. 

Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide turf quality

Superior to competitive brands

Rate oz/1,000 sq ft. Applications made on a 14-day interval. Rating taken on July 31, 2014. Initial application on May 8, 2014. Source: University of Missouri, 2014.

High turf quality demonstrates residual control of Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide

Observations as shown with last turf quality rating 28 days after last application.  Applications on 21-day interval 5/13, 6/3 and 6/24.  Source: Dr. Bruce Martin, Clemson University, 2014.
Observations as shown with last turf quality rating 28 days after last application. Applications on 21-day interval 5/13, 6/3 and 6/24. Source: Dr. Bruce Martin, Clemson University, 2014.

Product Specifications

FRAC Group: 7 + 11

Active ingredients (%):  Fluxapyroxad (14.33%) Pyraclostrobin (28.58%)

Usage Rate: 0.34 - 0.47 fl oz per 1000 ft2

Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)

Length of Control: 14-28 days

Packaging: 4 x 21 fl oz

Effective Against

Anthracnose, dollar spot, take-all root rot, fairy ring, brown patch, summer patch, Pythium diseases, spring dead spot, rapid blight

Always read and follow label directions


Products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Please check with your state or local Extension Service. Refer to label for registered uses. It is a violation of Federal law to use a product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Intrinsic and Lexicon are registered trademarks of BASF. Chipco is a registered trademark owned by Envu. Action is a trademark of, and Daconil and Headway are registered trademarks of Syngenta Professional products. ©2023 BASF Corporation. 


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