Revysol® Fungicide: Breaking the DMI Mold

Revysol fungicide is a groundbreaking new active ingredient from the minds of BASF that will change the way the turf industry looks at DMIs. Featuring a chemistry unlike anything before it, Revysol is safe for turf of all types in all seasons, has a first-in-class regulatory profile and provides effective and longer-lasting control of the toughest turfgrass diseases from dollar spot to fairy ring. Revysol is a DMI for the next generation of turf professionals—and it’s ready to go to work.

What the Industry is Saying

Innovation Never Stops: The Revysol Story Part 1

An insightful look into the innovation behind the Revysol molecule courtesy of Golf Course Industry.

Putting Our Science to the Test: The Revysol Story Part 2

Perspective on Revysol from the University professionals behind its testing.

Revysol offers superintendents a potent third-generation DMI. It is broad-spectrum,
so it will cover a lot of bases, including dollar spot and anthracnose, without the
negative effects of conventional DMIs during stressful summer conditions.

-Dr. Rick Latin, Purdue University

Unparalleled DMI Performance

The unique chemical properties of Revysol fungicide gives turf professionals a powerful new tool for their rotational toolbox that simply doesn’t exist with current DMIs.

  • Safe for all types of turf in all seasons
  • Delivers increased resistance management

Groundbreaking Chemistry

Unlike older DMIs on the market, Revysol fungicide is the first isopropanolazole, a unique chemistry with binding properties that make it 100 times more powerful than conventional triazole fungicides.

  • The only triazole to be designated a Reduced Risk candidate by the EPA
  • The isopropanol unit allows the molecule to easily assume different conformations

Broad-spectrum Disease Control

The groundbreaking molecular structure of Revysol fungicide leads to reliable performance across a broad range of disease types all season long, from fairy ring to dollar spot.

  • Strongly curative and preventative for dollar spot under various weather conditions
  • A mode of action that delivers superior activity, regardless of temperature at application

Fast-acting and Long-lasting

Revysol fungicide has outstanding rainfastness and helps provides effective and longer-lasting control of turfgrass diseases that superintendents care about the most.

  •  Rapid uptake in plants, resulting in a powerful and immediate effect against pathogens
  • Slow release from the inner-leaf reservoir provides long-lasting protection

The first BASF products to feature the Revysol fungicide active ingredient are Maxtima® fungicide and Navicon® Intrinsic brand fungicide which are launching soon.

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