Early Order Program

The 2019 BASF Early Order Program offers more savings and innovation than ever before. In addition to the strong rebates you’ve enjoyed in the past, there are exciting new ways to save—from our first-ever season-long rebate to an increased Intrinsic® Fairway Rebate and the new Cube Kicker rebate.


In 2019, the innovation and savings BASF provides are the winning formula for healthy turf. Here’s how to maximize your rebates on EOP purchases:

Great Savings

Earn up to a 10% rebate on your EOP purchases when buying in October. Rebates start at $3,000 in purchases.

Season-Long Rebates

Spend $35,000 or more during EOP and qualify for a 10% rebate on all purchases made through September 30, 2019.

The Cube Kicker

Receive an additional 2% rebate on your entire EOP order with the purchase of at least one Cube.

Intrinsic® Fairway Rebate

Buy either a minimum of 5 gallons of Insignia® SC Intrinsic® brand fungicide or a minimum of 72 pounds of Honor® Intrinsic® brand fungicide and save 12% on all purchases of the qualifying product. The Intrinsic Fairway Program qualification level is lowered from last year, making it easier to participate, and the rebate percentage is more.

New Cubes. More Savings

Choose from new Cubes in addition to our EOP best sellers. Plus, you can now save up to 12% off list price on our largest Cubes.

Qualifying Products for 2019

Agency Products

*Invoiced dollar amount for agency products and the redemption value used for non-agency products.

†See Cube component details in this the Early Order Program brochure for complete information.

Non-Agency Products

*Invoiced dollar amount for agency products and the redemption value used for non-agency products.

†See Cube component details in this the Early Order Program brochure for complete information

Program Resources

2019 EOP Brochure – Golf US


2019 EOP Brochure – Golf CA


2019 EOP Brochure – Lawncare


EOP Order Planner – US

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EOP Order Planner – CA

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EOP Order Planner Lawncare – US

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Terms and Conditions

Additional Program Details and Qualifications: All Agency products sold are on behalf of BASF. All sales are final. No returns. Rebate will be based upon reported sales from the BASF Authorized Agent(s). The EOP program applies only to these qualified end-user professionals: golf, L&L, sports turf, sod farms, municipalities, and parks & rec. Multiple sales orders for one customer are cumulative and will qualify if ordered between program dates and from any BASF Authorized Agent(s). A qualifying October purchase of at least $3,000 locks end-user to October rebate column for duration of the Early Order Program. Non-qualifying October purchases of less than $3,000 will be counted toward any qualifying purchases from November 1 - December 7 and will be rewarded at the November 1 - December 7 percentage. Products must be purchased, invoiced and delivered between the program dates. No exceptions. The invoiced dollar amount for agency products and the redemption value of qualified non-agency products will be used to determine end-user total purchase and rebate earned. End-user must be in good credit standing with agent to receive special promotional terms. All non-agency terms offered at the agent’s discretion. All agency products invoiced between October 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019 will receive June 7, 2019 terms for the end-user. All agency products invoiced after January 31, 2019 will receive net 60 days for the end-user. Terms for qualifying non-agency products are determined by a BASF Authorized Distributor. All rebates will appear as a credit on the end-user’s account with the agent who processed the order. EOP credit will become available by 7/31/19 and can be applied only to new purchases of agronomic inputs or related products. If an end-user purchases from more than one agent, the rebate will be applied to the respective agent based on percent purchase from each agent. All products may not be registered for sale or use in all states. Please check with your state or local Extension Service. Pillar G Intrinsic brand fungicide, Siesta insecticide fire ant bait and Trinity fungicide are not for sale, distribution and/or use in New York State; and Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide, Xzemplar fungicide, and Tower herbicide is not for sale, distribution and/or use in Nassau or Suffolk counties in New York State.


Always read and follow label directions.